Thursday, December 01, 2016

Less is More

 Hey, my lovely readers! I know I've been busy lately, plus I was sick for a week, that's why I can't update more often like usual. But, here I am now, that's what matters right? ;) 

Anyway, I'm back with some good news! Some of you probably scared buy something online, or don't know where to find gorgeous pieces for your best look. Guess what? There's TOBI to save your day!  TOBI is an online fashion label based in Los Angeles with over 1.5 million customers in 100+ countries. They design the trendiest clothing every day, like pretty maxi dresses, sexy bodycon dress, crop tops, sequin dresses, chic jumpsuits and many more. It's a girl's heaven for clothes! I LOVE every single one of their pieces, and they ship worldwide!

For my first collaboration with TOBI, I choose this Edie Off Shoulder Top in White, I always love white color and this top is a versatile item, can be worn in many different ways. The fabric is so comfortable to wear, very good quality! This time I chose to style it clean and simple to enhance "less is more" look. 

So, what do you think about this look? Do you have a lot of versatile items in your closet? Stay tuned for the next TOBI Collaboration x Tabitha Budiman!

Off Shoulder Top - TOBI

xoxo, bee 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

NEW 2016 IOPE Air Cushion Moisture Lasting N21 VS W21 Review

Hi, everyone! How's your day? It's been a while since the last time I'm doing a product review. This time I'm going to review NEW 2016 IOPE Air Cushion. I've been using this product for 2 years, and I really am satisfied with the result. I tried other BB Cushions, but always ends up disappointed and back to IOPE (this is not a sponsored post, it's truly my honest opinion). IOPE is a brand of Amore Pacific, one of the most best-seller air cushions in Korea, even 1 product sold every 4 seconds in 2014, over 20 Million units sold in 2015, and many more of their achievements. 

You know how I always said that my skin is sensitive so I always be careful everytime I want to buy a product especially this is the face base. That's why I don't mind spending more for this product, it's quite pricey compared to other brands. But, it's worth it anyway :)

So, why suddenly I decide to share about this? Because, IOPE has launched their 4th generation cushions and they launch so many shades. There's some new changes in shade and few months ago, it's so hard to find a review about this. So, I decide I will share this so you guys who wants to buy this product won't be confused like I did. I will also compare the old and new IOPE Air Cushions. The new IOPE Air Cushion has four different type/finish: 
Natural Glow (Grey case), Moisture Lasting (Blue case), Matte (Silver case) and Intense Cover (Rose Gold). I choose the moisture lasting finish in shade W21.

 The packaging is still the same from the box, but the new case is really different from the old one. It's shorter, lighter and smaller. So, the new refills will not fit into the old case, you have to buy the new one. I don't mind, because mine almost broken after 2 years of usage. 

The Honeycomb Sponge
This is one of the benefits of the new one, it absorbs the liquid foundation really well, I just prefer if it's bigger like the old one.

IOPE Air Cushion Old vs New

The Type and Shades
The new IOPE Air Cushion has four different type/finish: 
  • Natural Glow (Grey case) for naturally radiant, healthy and bright skin
  • Moisture Lasting (Blue case) for more dewy and moisture look
  • Intense Cover (Rose Gold) for more coverage blemishes
  • Matte Long-wear (Silver case) for matte finish for long hours

The new shades have three tone category: Cool, Warm and Natural. There are total five different shades : C13, N21, W21, N23, W23 (you can see from the above picture). I used to wear the N21 shade (the old IOPE), but when I bought the new one, it's lighter and pinkish on my face. The N21 is different from the old one on my skin, I thought it's because I'm getting tanner recently, but I try my old N21 still blended well on my skin. So I did some research so I won't buy the wrong one again. Thank God, finally I found the right shade for me which is W21. 


 I know what you're thinking, you probably said on the swatch on my hand, the W21 is too dark. Here's the thing, this is just for reference, but if you want true match on your skin, it's best if you try/swatch on your face. So, you will get the right shade, the right shade will blend well with the color on your skin. I prefer W21, because it has more yellow tone than pink. 

The Formula

Because this is Moisture Lasting, it's definitely more dewy on my face, which is good for me who always in the indoor room with air conditioner. But, when you're on the outside with the heat, it will probably a bit oily (I live in tropical island). At the end, it depends on your skin type. My skin is a combination of oily-dry skin type. I think this finish works really well for me. 

Final Opinion


  • Great formula
  • Natural coverage / result
  • Fine pigments
  • Natural dewy finish
  • Smells nice (it's important!lol)
  • Great honeycomb sponge
  • SPF50+/ PA+++


  • Pricey
  • Hard to find especially W21 shade, this one I got it from a friend who's on holiday in Korea


IOPE once again, impressed me with their Air Cushion, I will definitely keep buying this, although the cushion price is 42,000 KRW. It still the best cushion for me, although I think if the case is bigger it will be perfect ^^

Here's my selfie with IOPE Air Cushion only

So, what do you think about this air cushion? What is your favorite BB Cushion? Let me know what you think 

xoxo, bee 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Come With Me, Bali Vlog | Introduction to My Channel!

Hi, guys! My first video on Youtube channel is finally here! This is just a teaser for more videos to come. I hope you guys like it.
Feel free to comment and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

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