Friday, January 20, 2017

Pillow Talk: Confidence vs Arrogance

These days, I'm so grateful I've got to meet a lot of new people from many different backgrounds in every events I attend. And sometimes I'm still surprised to meet people with their cockiness. We all know people who sing their own praises or social opportunity, even they often praise themselves in their own social media.

For my whole life, I tried to build my self-confidence, and I realize when I finally ACCEPT the way I am, inside and out, that's finally how I feel confident. So, of course, to be honest, I never understand why some people likes to brag about themselves everywhere, so out of my curiosity I did some research about this arrogance thing and find out the simple fact about it.

Confidence = Self-Acceptance
Arrogance= Ego and Insecurities

Yes, as simple as that. It sounds crazy, the first time I hear it, because there's no way they feel insecure when they keep bragging all the time. But, the more I pay attention to their behavior, it makes more sense. Arrogant people usually view themselves as superior and never admit their mistakes. They even treat others as junior, and they see themselves above others, it's all because of their ego and deep down inside they feel insecurities. Here are some differences or fine line between Confidence vs Arrogance;

1. Condescending Remarks 

Arrogant people are single minded; they either think that they are superior to others or inferior to them. This arrogance may be nothing more than a way to cover the feelings of "feel small" they experience when dealing with someone else. They feel better when they tears others down. I think it's truly a sick feeling to see that behavior, because I feel allergic to people who always think they're superior and better than everyone. Wake up! There's always people who's better than us, and we should never stop learning. 

On the contrary, confident people are high minded, because they can feel good without having a desire to offend or even hurt others. They don't feel the need to brag. They usually see other people's potential and can help them succeed in something.  

2. Active Listening vs Monologue

Arrogant and confident people treat others in a different way. An arrogant person thinks they are better than others, while a confident person knows they are just as good as others. 

Confident people will rarely be found lecturing to others or how they are wrong. They usually show respect while listening to somebody. Arrogant people have difficulty listening to others/ They often exude negative energy and blame others if things do not work out as expected.

3. Ambition vs Ruthlessness

Ambition is not a crime. Confident people enjoy achievement and contributing their talents to the world. They don't feel threatened by others' successes and instead try to LEARN from them. 

Cocky people need to believe that they are on top even if reality says otherwise. This can lead to unnecessarily manipulative behavior as they focus on defending a power base at all costs.

4. Self-perception

Confident people always feel comfortable, because they have the right conception of perfection. It seems impossible to bring them down, because they are aware of their weaknesses and know how to deal with them. Meanwhile, arrogant people brush their own weaknesses aside and cannot admit their mistakes.

5. Communication

Of course, it's not a pleasant thing to communicate with this kind of people. An arrogant person will always try to one-up everything you say. They mind only their own position and make others accept their ideas. That's why people try to avoid their conversations with them because it's not comfortable to speak with the person who is always right. Yes, ma'am lol.

Confident people ADMITS lack of knowledge and they don't try to impose their vision of the situation on others. Their accomplishments do it for them.

6. The Human vs The Greek God

According to, as a self-confident person, you accept that you are just a human being. You are intrinsically no better or worse than anyone else. You accept who you really are, you have flaws, failures and really bad hair days. You treat yourself with compassion while taking responsibility for your choices, and you learn from misfortune and mistakes. 

Arrogant people can't risk the fragile image in the face of the defeat and run from criticism. They tend to go extremes of either deflecting blame onto others or condemning themselves for being only human. 

Truly secure people evaluate their own behavior and fave their doubts. By letting go of fear, you set yourself up for success.

7. The Origins

Arrogance is usually the result of a defense mechanism used by subconscious mind in order to prevent further criticism. Confidence comes from positivity, optimism and mental steadiness.

Well, that's it. I think it's important to understand the differences or the fine line between arrogance and confidence. Because no one likes to deal with arrogant people. This article is also for myself, so I always remember to stay grounded, yet confident. Try to be confident, because everyone wants to hang around people who feel secure and positive. No one wants to hang around cocky persons. Have you ever dealt with an arrogant person? Can you tell the difference between arrogance and confidence?


xoxo, bee 

Monday, January 09, 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard

My first post in 2017! How's your New Year celebration everyone? Pardon me, because it took 10 days for me to finally blogging again >.< I had so much family events, and some work to do. Cheers to a new year, new hope and new beginnings! 

My first outfit post is so simple, back to casual style which is jeans and t-shirt, everyone has them in their closets. It's the most basic outfit yet never out of style. But this time, I style it differently, it's a bit edgy and rebellious from 90's trends. A slogan t-shirt is a great choice in order to make a statement without saying a word. I paired them with black choker and military boots to finish the 90's edgy look. 

This one was taken on different day, I style it a bit different with wavy hair style and bomber jacket. 

So, what do you think about this look? Let me know your thoughts ;)

T-Shirt - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Rotelli

xoxo, bee 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Beauty Talk Show at Centro Beauty Bash 2016

As you can see from my social media, I just had my talk show two weeks ago at Centro Beauty Bash Event which is held at December, 11th, 2016 at Discovery Shopping Mall, Bali. It is an honor for me to become a speaker in Beauty Talk Show at Centro Beauty Bash.

Centro is known as a Department Store who always spoil their customers, which is why they held this event twice a year. Centro Beauty Bash has a lot of to offer such as Exclusive Disc. up to 70% on their Cosmetic and Fragrance products, Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo, free shopping voucher and many more. It's like the biggest event for all the shopaholic out there who's waiting to shop in discounted price! It's so crowded that day, even the parking area was closed due to overload, make sure you don't miss it next time, guys!

There's also Live Music, Makeup Demo, Shopping Rally and many more. I'm going to share the summary about my talk show, because if I wrote the full transcript here (with 20 minutes video duration) then its gonna be a longggg page lol. 

1. We're in the end of 2016 to 2017, of course there will be some changes in beauty trend, so what do you think the colors that's going to hype in 2017?

The colors that are going to hype in 2017 will not very much different from 2016 such as colors like smokey eye still in but it will tend to The Smudgy Eye look, clean skin (which is "no makeup look), glitter and shimmer, unexpected colors like yellow, lilac will dominate in 2017, and natural colors still in (of course, because natural is versatile look). 

For reference product for natural trend look, NYX Lip Lingerie, along with NYX Eyebrow Cake and NYX Mosaic Powder is very suitable for the natural look because of finish result is smooth and not overdone.

2. How long have you been use social media/blog to share beauty tips or information?

I've been use social media for a long time (around 5 years), but I begin (really focus and commit) to share beauty tips/ information around 1,5 years. 

3. Why you choose to share beauty tips on social media?

As we all know, we live in a digital era, where everyone have smartphone, and with smartphone, it's so easy and fast to get any information, so I thought why not sharing about things that I have passion here? For example, me personally, If I want to buy something, I always research the product review to find out more details about whether the product is good or not, whether it match my skin or not, something like that. So, I think it's a great idea to share something that we love and hopefully people will find my article useful. 

4. Who is your beauty inspiration?

Michelle Phan. She's a big inspiration, and a pioneer in beauty social media, she's the one who started all this youtube makeup tutorial thing (cmiiw). She's an amazing person, very humble and very inspirational.

5. If you can choose, what is your 5 must have items beauty product?

Foundation (BB Cushion), Mascara, Lipstick, Eyeliner, and Contour Stick.

6. Can you share us some tips so we won't buy the wrong beauty product or tools?

Just like I said before, always research before buy the product if it's going to suitable for your skin or not. For example, if you have oily skin, it's better if you find something that will have matte finish to balance the result. And if you have sensitive skin just like me, it's better to find something "friendly" to your skin.

7. The last thing you want to say for people who wants to be a beauty blogger out there?

Be confident and be yourself! 

So, what do you think about this event and the talk show? Do you like an annual event with big sale like Centro Beauty Bash?

xoxo, bee 

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