Monday, November 23, 2015

The Hot Jeans

Since the past few years, I was struggling with my underweight issue. It all happened after I gave birth. Yes, my post baby-bod turns out become a problem to me. Now, besides eating nutritious food, I also work-out at least twice a week to achieve fit and healthier body. It's not easy, but I keep working for it. 

Well, since everything is still in the process, I was looking for jeans that fit to me, and also enhance my curve. Finally, I got this high-waisted jeans that really fit to my body. The fabric is also very good quality and stretch. I paired it with this white top and simple black necklace. When pulling off basics, don't forget to wear them with your killer heels. If you have any thoughts, let me know by comment here :) 

High Waisted Jeans - Victoria Catwalk
Strappy Heels - MDS

xoxo, bee 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekend Getaway at TS Suites Bali

As I promised, here's my post about TS Suites Bali! So, about few weeks ago TS Suites Bali reward me with this 3 days 2 nights voucher to stay in their hotel. If you're following my blog or instagram, you knew that TS Suites is my favourite photoshoot location. Located at Jalan Nakula no. 18 Seminyak, Bali, this hotel is strategic and near with happening places in Bali. 

TS Suites Bali has these awesome slogan, that is HEEEL:
H stands for Hip, leisure club exclusively for guest
E stands for endless indulgence, early check in and late check out
E stands for extraordinary, 2 pm standard check out time (you can still relax until 2 pm ;)
E stands for easy reservation (it is super easy! you just have to email, and voila! booked the date you wanted!)
L stands for lifestyle, leisure & entertainment program.

Here's some of my photos last year at TS Suites Bali, still with my brown hair :)

TS Suites Bali has unique architecture and exterior, you can see it once you entered the hotel. The Lobby is also cozy and comfortable.

This is my room, pardon me for a little mess, since my daughter can't stay still, I try my best to snap it before it get worse lol

Love the Bathroom

I think TShell room is great and comfortable for standard room, especially the bathroom I love the most <3. The mini bar and drinks are free and it's refilled daily.

 All day buffet - Leisure Hall

The breakfast buffet started from 6am-10.30am, after that if you woke up late, you still can get room breakfast but only the a la carte. Well, thank God I'm a morning person, so I never skip breakfast. They have western-asian cuisine, and the hall is big and cozy.

There's also gym, library, pool table, toddler's corner, restaurant, cafe, and club. Everything you need is here. Of course, everyone's favourite is the Skyward, infinity rooftop pool. I went there early in the morning for the sake of good pictures. Because, in the afternoon the pool is always full and crowded. For more pictures and videos, you can see on my instagram.

Not only Rooftop pool, there's also Round The Clock - Pool Bar beside the pool. My previous outfit post was taken there. So many beautiful spots here and there, the Pool Bar makes me feel like I was inside the ship, love the decoration and design.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now, for your best vacation with top services! For more information, contact them here.

Jl. Nakula no. 18 Seminyak, Bali - Indonesia
P: +62361 8469222 F: +62361 8469022
Jakarta Reservation +6221 7590 8798
instagram: tssuitesbali

xoxo, bee 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Electric Blue

Hi, everyone! How's your weekend? Here in Bali, it started to rain and the weather isn't really good. So many people got sick here lately, and it probably because of Mount Rinjani in Lombok volcanic activity. The ashes blown by the wind make flights got cancelled for a couple of days. I hope everybody is doing fine.
Anyway, I just spent my weekend staying at TS Suites Bali, I will blog about my short vacation soon. 
What I wore is this gorgeous electric blue blazer, paired it up with leather pants, long necklace and my favorite chanel boy. Hope you enjoy this post, let me know your thoughts!

Leather pants - Victoria Catwalk
Necklace - Stradivarius
Chanel Boy - Victoriaccessories
Valentino - Victoriaccessories

xoxo, bee 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Minimal Look

Hi, guys! If you've been following me on instagram, snapchat or facebook, you must've known that I rarely update my social media last week. Last week was a rough week for me, I was sick, had fever, coughing (until now) but I tried my best to post my latest outfit to my lovely readers here. Some people even message me on facebook said that they missed me. Thank you for your attention, guys!

This outfit was all about minimal look, it's casual comfortable yet still stylish. Another off shoulder / sabrina, this time in black (I love this because it's a crop top!), I paired it with creme skort and my favourite strappy heels. Oh, I also added this long necklace for accessory, and that's it. 

Photo by my dearest bestie, Vivi Yuliana

Top - Lookbook Store
Necklace - Stradivarius
Strappy Heels - MDS

xoxo, bee 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bali Fashion Tendance 2016 (Day 1)

Last week I was invited to attend this fashion annual event, Bali Fashion Tendance 2016 (BFT16). Bali Fashion Tendance was held from 9-11 October 2015 at TS Suites Bali. Here's the summary from the first day. I couldn't come the next two days, because my daughter was ill :(

My outfit that day was totally out of my comfort zone, I wore turban headband, off shoulder in red, leather pants with gold belt and I paired it with my favourite black clutch. Actually I feel like I was going to Coachella festival or Halloween party lol.

BFT16 was hosted by Mrs. Lisa Mantjika

Bali Fashion Tendance 2016 was opened by Ali Charisma fashion show case (I missed it because I was stuck in traffic for one hour)

Photo courtesy (oke zone) : Bali Fashion Tendance

After Ali Charisma, next fashion show presented by Selphie Bong. Selphie Bong is one of the youngest successful Indonesian fashion designer. She was the only Indonesian designer who was picked to be Haute Couture designer in the Year of Biodiversity in 2010 in Geneva by United Nations among with the other prime international designer such as Diane von Furstenberg, Reem Alasadi, John Rocha and many more. Her design was worn by many international speaker, and actresses. 
Source: Wikipedia

I love how feminine and elegant from Selphie Bong's collection. It's classic and you can see how the dresses made with the finest fabrication. 

Acakacak is the first label by LPTB Susan Budiharjo. The fashion show case is designed by the school alumni. Acakacak present their colllection with the "Toys" theme. The collection was dominated with purple, white and green lime colour. There were cropped blouse, jacket, ponco, cullotes, and jumpsuit ready-to-wear accessories with unique hats and glasses.

Acakacak successfully stole the show with their unique "Toys" concept and performance. Each of design has toys accessories in the clothes and their hats.

Rendy Hapsanto is one of Indonesia's top fashion designer, whose design worn by many Indonesia's actresses. He also design wedding gowns, party dress and night gowns.

Rendy Hapsanto's design was my favourite that night! I love his glamour designs, and all the dresses details was truly shown high fashion.

Charlotte Chen is designer that I've been waiting for! I'm so curious about her famous goat leather bag. Charlotte Chen is Indonesia's top fashion and accessories designer, her design already spread all over top magazine in Indonesia, such as Female, Her World, Cosmopolitan, Jewelry, Lisa, etc. Her own label is "Charlotte" and she also has official webstore called Charlotte Chen Store.

pardon me for some blur photos :(

Her design is elegant, trendy and full of details. You can check her beautiful collection on

Last, but not least that day is fashion show case from Aftershock by Niken Gazayu. She is Indonesia's fashion designer graffiti. Her performance show Indonesia's culture and her design nuanced with ethnic and graffiti. 

She's so talented, especially with the graffiti mixed with her fashion. Two of her models stole the show with their body painting.

I really enjoyed Bali Fashion Tendance 2016, I hope this event become an opportunity for Indonesia's talented designers to show their amazing designs to the world.

xoxo, bee 

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