Monday, June 27, 2016

White Love

If I can only choose one style at the moment, I will gladly choose feminine style. It suits me better and it really shows my personality. But, as a fashion/style blogger, I have to keep innovating, wear the latest trends, create new looks and many more. So, I'm happy to share today's looks with you guys. This is one of the looks that represent my personality. I have always loved a feminine top like this one, with puff sleeves and see-through fabric, it's really girly and feminine. Another of my favorite tops are, of course it's the crop top, even my sister-in-law said I'm a queen of crop top lol. But, that doesn't mean I don't like other styles, I'm open minded to any styles as long as it suits me well. 

About the hair style, some said that they like it if my hair styled curly liked this, and other said that they liked it if my hair is tied-up (ponytail or bun). Well, I love to change my hair style but not in the extreme way. In the end, we have to be ourselves without ignoring people's opinion.

Any thoughts about this look? Thank you for stopping by ;) 

Purse - Coach 

xoxo, bee 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Street Style

Hey, guys! It feels so good to do blogging again. I was so busy this week, so I only manage to update through my instagram and snapchat. As you can see, I made a little changes to my hair, new bangs! Actually I always have bangs through my college life, and I kinda miss it, so here it is, back at it again with the fringe :) Although, it's a small change, I feel like it changes my whole look. 

Back to the outfit of the day, it's another street style this week. I really enjoy casual outfit like this (who doesn't, right?). I wore this simple black top and hot pants from H&M, I paired it with my white sling bag and my fave heels. The perks of living in Bali, you can wear whatever you want without being judged :)

What do you think about this look?

Top and hot pants - H&M

xoxo, bee 

Monday, June 06, 2016

Sky Blue

Hi, everyone! How's your weekend? I hope you're doing well ;) This time, I'm going to share this outfit post from my Vietura journey at Sofitel Bali, you can read the full article here. This was one of my favorite look, so I feel like I need to share this on the blog, too. What I wore is this off-shoulder in sky blue with ribbon in both sides and high waist skinny jeans. I paired them with my yellow Coach purse, and strappy heels. I love this look because it's feminine and chic, perfect for day and night. 

Anyway, I was thinking to share vlog to you, guys, to share my activity and interest in fashion, style and beauty. It's still in a deep thought, because I want to give my best to all my viewers. I hope I'm gonna make it, because actually I really enjoy making videos, and it's easier to deliver the message that I want you to receive.

So, what do you think about this look? and what do you think about vlog in Heels and Beyond?

Purse - Coach 
Heels - MDS

xoxo, bee 
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