Pillow Talk: 10 Signs He's Into You

First of all, I'm not saying I'm an expert of relationship or body language. I wrote this because of a personal request from my (not so) little sister. She's in her college life (in different city) and of course she is distracted by a lot of guys's attention (ahem). It's good to hear her stories, although sometimes I got overwhelmed with her questions, which basically has the same point. Is he into me? Why does he act like that? What's with his attitude today? Okay, then, I hope this post will keep up with her love life lol.

It's kinda exciting to listen to her stories, because that's what young girls should do, experience, get to know a lot of people! Don't get commit to fast, take your time! Find your best soulmate. I also hope you will find the right guy, sis ;)

Alright, enough about her, I don't want to expose her love life even more lol. Well, young and single ladies, just like us, men don't always say exactly what they're feeling precisely when they feel it. But they don't have to say much to show you what they're thinking. (These are based on my personal experience and research, no offense to anyone)

1. He will prioritize you
No matter how busy this modern-day life, if a guy's into you, he makes time for you. He calls you whenever he feels like it, even if it's just to say hi or ask how's your day going. He will make an effort to see you regularly. He makes plans to see you because he wants to spend time with you.

2. His pupils dilate
According to Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language, big pupils mean your crush is looking at you with desire. "Dilation is a brain response that occurs when you like and are attracted to something, " Wood tells Cosmopolitan

3. Lots of eye contact
Subconsciously or not, we like to make tons of eye contact with people when we think they're attractive. If he can't stop staring at your eyes, you've got your clue ;)

4. He leans in when you're talking
Not only the eye contact, but his body language will do the same thing. If he leans in when you talk, keeps his torso facing you, maintains eye contact, and doesn't cross his arms and legs defensively, he's showing emotional availability and interest through his body.

5. He sits with his legs spread
Because this position exposes his man parts, it's a vulnerable position that could mean he's willing to put himself out there (literally and emotionally) to get to know you.

6. He wants to treat you

If it's just the two of you and he insist on paying for you, either he's just a gentleman in general, or he totally likes you. But, of course it depends on his personality, does he treat you just like his other friends? Don't quickly assume if he's an easy-going type guy

7. He smiles (a lot!)
If a guy's smiling, this doesn't necessarily mean he likes you, but if you guys seem to smile whenever you look at each other, for no real-reason, it's highly likely this guy likes you. When you like something (or someone) - you smile. The same goes for him.

8. He gets jealous
When you talk to other guys, and laugh. When he knew, there's other guy close to you, or keep calling or texting you. He'll try to act he's cool with it, but he'll be checking up on you and the other guy, trying to figure out whether that guy is making progress or not, whether you're interested in that "moron" or not. He might sigh or make a cranky face. Try to pick up on these little clues.

9. He touches you
Even when he doesn't really have to, he touches you. Accidentally, or just subconsciously, he makes some kind of physical contact with you. The more physical contact a guy makes, the more obvious is that he likes you. But, be careful, because there's also some guys who's totally a player who just wants to take advantage from you! You have to be able to see the difference between those who's really into you and who's just want to play around.

10. He listens (and not judging you)
This is extremely important, because if there's one thing men are great at, it's not listening. They are great at ignoring things they don't want to hear. There. I said it. But, when a guy's really into you, he not only makes a part of the conversation, but he also asks for your input, listens intently and responds appropriately. 

Well, I hope you guys find this article useful, especially for you, little sis ;) Let me know, what you think by leaving comments here, thank you for stopping by!

Source: http://youqueen.com/love/how-to-tell-if-a-guy-likes-you-37-signs-he-likes-you-more-than-just-a-friend/

xoxo, bee 

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  1. Awwwww this is just too sweet <3

  2. This is adorable, it reminds me of a Cosmo article!

  3. This article is too cute. Most guys I know are too shy to act like themselves around girls they like. Haha


    1. Oh, that's too bad, we always prefer the aggressive one, right? lol

  4. Yep, these signs mean he's into you. Great post! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  5. That's so nice to do for your sister! :)


  6. Nice post, I love it!!

  7. So cute and great tips! Thanks for sharing!


    Nicole | http://toogoldstreet.com

  8. Love this cute post. My husband does most of these things so that's a good sign right =P

    xoxo Rina

    1. It is a good sign, so happy to know you guys still romantic ;)


  9. What a cute article. Brings me back memories from my dating days.

    1. I'm glad this reminds you! Dating days are the best!


  10. Even my (ex) boyfriend didn't do any of the above. -_- Except number 4, and 5 maybe. Hahaha
    And he's not happy about me not thinking he loved me! Ridiculous. #jadicurhat #sebelsih =))

    1. huahhh kok gitu yaa, suka gangguin km mgkn jes xp

  11. oh ya btw yang dimaksud di awal itu ester? wkakaka xD


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