Wednesday, March 30, 2016

See Through Dress

We all know, the naked dress is a huge trend right now. Well, this time I'm not wearing a naked dress, what I wore is this beautiful see through floral dress from Victoria CatwalkIt has white little dress as inner in it. This is one of my favorite dress for  2016, I really fall in love with the flower and butterfly embroidery, it's so feminine, girly, chic and high fashion. I paired it with vintage wool hat from New Chic, my favorite bracelet and white ankle heels. 

I really enjoy my photo shoot this time, because finally I went to a date with my husband, and also because of the beautiful atmosphere here at Alila SeminyakMaybe, it sounds weird how happy I was going to a date with my husband, but you know, since we had a daughter, we barely can go on a date anymore. So, its such a relieved that finally we can relax just a bit and warm up our relationship. Just remember what matters in life, is your partner, your family, your health, and of course your relationship with God. 

Okay, enough talking, here's my outfit post ;)

What do you think about this look? Do you like wearing see through / sheer dress? Let me know your thoughts, and thank you for stopping by!

Hat - New Chic
Heels - MDS

xoxo, bee 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shirt Dress

Hey, guys! Just a quick post about my outfit today. I wore this cute shirt dress from New Chic, it's off shoulder and has ruffles on the sleeves. This is actually a top, but I wore it with hot pants so it look like a shirt dress. I really love New Chic, all of their products are fashionable yet affordable, find their products here. They ship worldwide ;)

 Shirt Dress - New Chic

xoxo, bee 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Choker Plaid

Hi, everyone! I just made a change to my look, I'm back to brown hair color. Sometimes, when I want to soften my face, I just go to lighten my hair. I always love changes, not the extreme one, because I like to keep it natural. Of course, I will be going back to black hair one day ;)

Today, I'm wearing this choker v neck top with plaid pattern, I paired it with this white pants and white heels. I really love this choker v neck top, it's not the deep v neck type, so I can wear it anywhere. And by the way, if you want your legs to look a bit longer you could wear long pants with heels. You also can wear culottes to pull off this look, it's just culottes never fit me, because my legs will look super thin like a broom stick. So, I prefer straight pants or jogger pants like this. What do you think about this look? Do you think hair color changes your whole look? Which one is better for me, black hair or brown hair? Share your thoughts here :)

Purse - Palomino
 Heels - MDS

xoxo, bee 
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