Go Bold!

There's a quotes said, "2015 won't change anything, unless you do." It's really a good reminder for all of us. We all want to start something new, a fresh start, maybe achieve a new goal in our lives. But, all of those goal and dream won't happen unless we commit and act. Me, myself commit to try to be a better person. It sounds simple but it's not easy to do. At least keep positive mind will help a lot. I also want to spend more time with my family, because life is so short. We don't know when will our last time we can spend with our loved ones. That's just some of my resolutions in my life. 

Okay, enough to talk, here's my bold outfit ^^
Dolled up in this glamour asymmetric top and printed midi skirt, I felt so glamour, instantly. It's so perfect for party or special occasion. Love the fabric details too. 

Black Top - Victoria Catwalk
Midi Skirt - Victoria Catwalk
Bracelet - miekeonlineshop 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

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