Polka Dot

Hello, lovely readers! How's your weekend? Pardon me, for the lack of updates. I've been doing some bible research recently. I read a lot about Revelation especially, because of what happened to the world these days. Everything written in the bible, it's HAPPENING. It really bothered me until I can't stop research here and there. One thing for sure, I believe in God, Jesus is my saviour. Whatever's going out there, I will never let go biblical truth.

Okay, so back on my outfit of the day! It's been a long time, I can't remember when was my last time I wore Polka Dot. This dots top and black pants actually a jumpsuit, with a cute ribbon on the left side. You can tie it with a long style or tie it like a classic ribbon.

Big winds blows my clothes

Jumpsuit  - Victoria Catwalk
Bag - Zalora
Valentino - Victoriaccessories

xoxo, bee 

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  1. You look gorgeous in your outfit! I love your top <3
    And yes, when i was studying Theology, my teacher told me to read Revelation because everything is happening, im quite scared honestly.



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