8 Habits that make you skinny

Okay, this post might be different than my usual outfit or beauty post, but I feel like I have to share this. First of all, I wasn't a skinny person during my high school or college. I used to be fat, had eating disorder, and body issues, etc. But, since few years ago, it all went opposite. Now, I had trouble gaining weight, and people say I was too skinny, underweight, etc. 
So, according to people close to me, I had some these habits that makes me had trouble gaining weight, even makes me lose weight sometimes. Perhaps, this will help people who wants to lose weight (Warning: some of these are bad habits!). And I don't guarantee this will work for everybody, I'm not here to advice people, I just want to share my lifestyle or eating habits that might help people who wants to lose weight.

1. Eat as often as possible 
    Believe it or not, I eat every 2 hours or sometimes every hour. I get hungry easily, and get full easily too. They says, that is why I had this fast metabolism. I eat about 8-10 times a day in small portion.

2. The Slow Eater
    My family, especially my husband often waiting for me to finish my meal, because I eat too slow, I already try to eat faster, but end up biting my gums every time I try to chew faster.

3. Distractions
    Since my daughter was born, I almost never had a quality time to eat. I always get distracted to feed her, watch her or yelling her if she wants to do something danger. You see? How can I gain any weight if I never had a quality time to eat and end up leaving my food every 5 mins to check or sometimes to catch her?

4. Drink water as much as possible
    This sounds cliche, but it is helps you get fuller. Another bad habit of mine, when in restaurant, waiting for my food too long, I will keep drinking water just to calm down my screaming stomach.

5. The Selective Eater
     I'm not a type of person that can eat everything. (I wish I become that kind of person, ugh). I'm very selective of food.

6. Caffeine Addict
    I can't skip a day without a cup of coffee. I guess that's also reduce my meal portion.

7. The anti-candy
     I quit eating candy since 2008, because there's so much damage from candy to my teeth. When I had eating disorder, I keep chewing candy to prevent me eating real food without realizing each candy contains at least 80 calories. And I can eat like 10-15 candy per day. 

8. Eat Fruits
    These days, I lose appetite to any snacks like che*tos, wafer, biscuits, cookies etc. I just keep looking for fruits. Fruits good for your health, and it makes me lose weight, too.

Well, that's all my habits that keeps me skinny (according to my family and friends). I hope this is useful for you, guys. Of course, I had to change some of these habit because I need to gain weight. What do you think about this habits? 

xoxo, bee 

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