Pillow Talk: How to Deal with Negative People

Life is not easy, we're trying our best to fit in society, whether it's in our job, our education, our social lives even in your own family. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to do your best, there's always some negative people, even hater around you either because of jealousy, envy or just pure hatred. There's always negativity around, and as a human, it's hard to not thinking about it at all.

I had the worst self-esteem when I was a teenager, I was self-conscious, insecure and even at the college I was get bullied because of my ethnicity. There's always negative people no matter where you go, and it could affect your character if you let them get into your head.

The only way you can change that is setting goals of yourself and saying "I will be the best version of me. Do not allow negative people to turn you into one of them."

While people can try to get you down, you have a choice in how you react to them.

1. The Baseline
     Before you're assume they're negative, you have to know what kind (type) of people who you're dealing with. Sometimes it could be they just having a bad day, or in a bad mood, and you happened to be in the wrong time. By knowing what's your critic's character you will be able to differentiate between the times that there is something wrong or "they are just being themselves".

2. Hang out in Groups
     Have someone else around you, the more people, the better. By having someone else around, it may bring out a different side to an individual, and it could bring out a more positive side in the negative person. You also can see different opinions from another people which is good, especially if you're in an argument. 

3. Objective Side
    Negative people can be quite critical sometimes, they often say something that hurtful. They can make you think there's something wrong with you. Try to observe him/her interactions with other people. If she also did this to them, then it was nothing personal, she just often caught up in her negativity. Don't take it personally, just consider it's her point of view.

4. Change The Topics
      Some negative people are triggered by certain topics, like their work or their relationship. Try to change the topic to lighten the mood. Maybe you can talk something more simple like new place to hang out, hobbies, new movies, common friends, and many more.

5. Stay away
    Simple rule. People who are unhappy with their own lives, feel it's necessary to bring others down. Don't listen to them, you are beautiful, smart and can achieve anything as long as you don't take their negativity to heart. Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people. It could build a healthy self-esteem and change you into a better person. If it's possible, drop them from your life and move on. You are the one who decide how your life's going to be.
Source: http://zenhabits.net/negative/

Well, I hope you find this article useful and let me know what you think by comment here ;)

xoxo, bee 

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