Monday, June 27, 2016

White Love

If I can only choose one style at the moment, I will gladly choose feminine style. It suits me better and it really shows my personality. But, as a fashion/style blogger, I have to keep innovating, wear the latest trends, create new looks and many more. So, I'm happy to share today's looks with you guys. This is one of the looks that represent my personality. I have always loved a feminine top like this one, with puff sleeves and see-through fabric, it's really girly and feminine. Another of my favorite tops are, of course it's the crop top, even my sister-in-law said I'm a queen of crop top lol. But, that doesn't mean I don't like other styles, I'm open minded to any styles as long as it suits me well. 

About the hair style, some said that they like it if my hair styled curly liked this, and other said that they liked it if my hair is tied-up (ponytail or bun). Well, I love to change my hair style but not in the extreme way. In the end, we have to be ourselves without ignoring people's opinion.

Any thoughts about this look? Thank you for stopping by ;) 

Purse - Coach 

xoxo, bee 


  1. Gorgeous look! This top is super cute!

  2. You are very preety girl :)

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  3. Love this effortlessly chic summer look!

  4. Great photos

  5. You look amazing!!<3

  6. You look amazing!!
    Love the white top!!

  7. Love your cheerful & girly outfit! :)
    Have a nice day!

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  8. i love your cute look in this stylish dress.

  9. For me, you're looking good both on frminine and lil bit boyish style, ce bitha hihi


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