The Shampoo Lounge Sofitel: Your Ultimate Glam Goals

Who doesn't know The Shampoo Lounge in Bali? If you live in Bali, you must know it's one of the most well-known and busiest salons in Bali for more than six years. Today, The Shampoo Lounge have many branches everywhere: Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua (BTDC) and the new one at Sofitel Resort. The Shampoo Lounge will also open the new branch at Movenpick Resort Jimbaran Bali. Wow! 

I've been to TSL Seminyak for couple times and really excited to try the new one at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort. TSL Sofitel puts all the best that The Shampoo Lounge & Bali Barber has to offer in an incredible location that's perfect for small groups wanting to make a day of getting beautiful a bit more memorable. Located inside Sofitel and next to Manarai Beach House, it's a go-to salon during a visit to Nusa Dua. 

I mean... look at the place is just.. beautiful and mesmerizing

We were welcomed with a luxurious interior with artistic high ceiling and indoor pool inside.

After admiring the whole interior and decor, we were welcomed by the receptionist and confirmed our reservation. 

I was planning to tone my hair today, but after consult with the hair-stylist about the color that I desire, we decide to go with hair coloring. A little change is good, right? ;)

I requested a red-brownish hair color, so let's just see the process.


Anyway, my hair-stylist, Ayu, started to apply the color quickly after she brushed my hair and make sure that my hair wasn't tangled.

After that, we waited for the color to absorbed, then continue with second application, which was the hair roots.

Time really flies there because we really enjoy the ambience and also the friendly staff hospitality. They also serve us some drinks like ginger tea and infused water, so we will feel more relaxed and comfortable there. My husband also got some haircut with the Bali Barber stylist. Yup, they always provide some services for men as well. So, no worries if your guy accompanies you, they won't get bored ;) 

Finally, it's time for washing my hair and styling it.
 I can't wait to see the result! 











Wow.. I mean, the result was beyond expectations, the color is just exactly as what I have requested and the reflection is even more beautiful under the sunlight

Thank you so much for having me TSL Sofitel! You totally made my day! If you guys want to try the treatment here just make sure to make appointment first. 

And there's an interesting "incident" actually. My husband forgot his iPad and left it there, and he just realized it in the middle of the night. We were panicked and quickly make a phone call to TSL Sofitel, and guess what? They kept it safely! I mean, if you lost in another place, only God knows what would happen. 

Once again, thank you for everything TSL Sofitel, best hair dresser and professional services! I surely will come back again <3

 Kawasan Pariwisata ITDC Lot N5
Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency 
Bali 80363

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