Style Bloggers vs Fashion Bloggers

You often heard, somebody describe herself as a style bloggers or fashion bloggers. Is there any difference between them? Actually, yes there are. Quoted the difference from Huffington Post: 
Style bloggers, such as Kayture and The Blonde Salad, are bloggers who primarily post photographs of their daily outfits. Their content relies heavily on visuals and the ensembles they wear; sometimes, their outfit photographs are accompanied by short blurbs about where they purchased a particular bag from or a brief review of their day. These bloggers are essentially considered to be "fashion bloggers," but they may also be known as style bloggers. If photographing your own outfits and posting them on your blog is not exactly your forte, you are always welcome to opt for another route. 
Other fashion bloggers, who prefer not to post their daily outfits, may choose to write about anything fashion-related they want. This is truly a category of endless aesthetic opportunities. Perhaps you want to write about a dress you've been coveting or an article on your favorite autumn trends. Additionally, I have seen fashion bloggers write about their "hauls," which are recent clothing items they have purchased, or reviews on their favorite designer collections from New York Fashion Week. If you have an idea, write it down and get creative! 

Well, for myself, I like to post photographs of my daily outfits (on trend) and how to wear it to  certain events, especially parties, casual hang out or photoshoot. 

What do you think about fashion bloggers and style bloggers, guys? Which one you prefer to read? Okay, see you next time, hope this post useful ^^

Origami Wrap Skirt - Victoria Catwalk
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

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  1. I've always preferred personal style blogs. They've got a real personality behind them when done right, and are a fantastic creative outlet for writers/photographers. Lovely outfit. I like the first shot looking out the window.
    Emily |

  2. Amazing posts! I prefer style bloggers too! Great blog you have!



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