Gourmet Girl

My life is incomplete without these bakery, cafe and pastry stuff. Do you know that Starbucks just make a new delivery service? Yes, finally we can sit and relax at home or office just waiting for our beloved coffee arrived in front of our desk. But, I'm not sure if the service already available in Indonesia. Btw, last week I went to this cozy place, Gourmet Cafe. They have a lovely place and delicious pastry. This beautiful place is perfect for my #ootd.

Midi skirt still a hits trend recently, I think I should buy some more :)

Edited some backlight photos here 

Cut Out Crop Bralette in White - Cloth-inc
Midi Skirt - Victoria Catwalk
Chanel Boy - Victoria Catwalk
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

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