Milestone Coffee Bali (Coffee, Music and Art)

When I got this invitation from Milestone Coffee, I thought, well, this maybe just another ordinary cafe. But, I still curious and decided to come. Milestone is easy to find, located at Jl. Bypass Sanur (after Pizza Hut and mini mart). Once I stepped in, I kinda amazed, because it's different than any cafe I visited before. This cafe have a unique concept, some wall not painted (there's a reason for that, keep reading :) and some wall is mural art, painted by Bali's talented illust artist, Andre Yoga.

Milestone is a cafe with "Coffee, Music & Art" concept.
The coffee with "Felicidade Blend" made with a blend of Brazilian bean for a perfect taste of quality coffee. 
The cafe cakes and cookies supported by Azucar Bake Shop, which is also developed by the owner, Mr. Kenny Erawan Tjahyadi in the field of "American Bakery Style" inspired by the "Hudson Market Baker" in Japan that serves American simple and homey cakes.
The music is nice, relaxing and easy listening there. 
And about the art, this cafe is very unique. Why some walls are not painted? It turns out, the blank wall can be used for art exhibiton. And you can check on Milestone's instagram when the artist painted the cool mural art.  

This caption is one of my favourite part :)

Milestone decoration also really caught my eyes. There's hanging lamps and hanging plants everywhere (it feels like there's a hanging garden inside the cafe)

Me and my fellow bloggers order some drinks (can't wait to try them!)

On the other table, were already prepared some cute cakes with each of our own name. 

There are five beautiful cakes waiting for us to try,

  • Carrot Cake. The cake taste is good with cream cheese on top make it more delicious.
  • Crispy Caramel Choux. Actually I surprised. The choux is perfect, it's one of the most delicious choux I ever try! I will come back there to get some more! It's crispy on the outside, creamy melted inside, nom nom nom ^o^

  • Brownies Brown Sugar is perfect for those of you who loves sugar. Yes, please! ^^ This brownies taste sweet with chocochips inside it. 
  •  Apple Pie. I'm not a fan of Apple Pie, but this one tastes good.
  • The Chocolate Cake. It's delicious, perfect, and there's balance inside the cake so you don't feel overwhelmed 

Their coffee is also very good! I order hot cappuccino that day, it tastes great, and it also looks pretty cute. 

The famous drink from Milestone is Affogato. Make sure you try it! It's an vanilla ice cream with a shot of hot espresso.

Cafe Mocha

Quesadilla, delicious tortilla filled in eggs, cheese and tomato sauce taste sweet-sour with the salad and olive oil. The sweet-sour taste blended perfectly somehow, so good!

Oh my, looks nyummy, isn't it? 

Next, there's Waffle Nachos. I feel doubt at first, but once I try it, nyummy! The waffle taste sweet with cheese sauce all over it. 

What a beautiful day, eating all of these delicious food ^o^!

Last, but not least, these are cookies from Azucar Bake Shop.

There are five cookies from Azucar, 
  • Nutty Chunky Chocolate Almond 
  • Full Bodied Fragrant Roasted Black Sesame Sable 
  • Crisp Grassy Kyoto Matcha Cookies (green tea)
  • Coarsed 7 Spices Smokey Shichimi Cookies
  • Slightly Spicy Otona Pepper Cheese
  • Sweet Salty Caramel Milk Tea Biscuit
All the cookies are fresh baked and taste delicious, you can order your favourite flavour on Milestone or contact Azucar on 0821-4400-9396

Happy face after receive cookies from Azucar and Milestone ^o^

with Jcliani, fellow beauty blogger :)

with the owner of Milestone, Mr. Kenny

Thank you so much for having us, Milestone Coffee! I will come back for sure, so happy to find new place to hang out and relax with delicious coffee and food :)

Milestone Coffee
open 08.00 am - 11.00 pm close
JL. Bypass Ngurah Rai no. 88, next to minimart sindhu
Email :

xoxo, bee 

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  1. Wow they the cafe is very pretty and retro, thanks for sharing would definitely visit the place whenever I'm in Bali:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



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