The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 (Pt 2) : Mona Al Mansouri, Xi Zhu and Heads of State Millinery

As promised, The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 Chapter 2 is here! So, I attended two days of TFFB 2015, The Preview Launch as you already know, and The Official Opening Ceremony. The Official Opening Ceremony was held at The Trans Resort Bali. I came with Michelle and Clara. The first thing we do, of course taking pictures here and there ;D 

What I wore : Sexy cut-out dress by Victoria Catwalk 

In front of the Grand Ballroom, there's showroom from TFFB 2015 designers, and sponsors. 

Inside The Grand Ballroom of The Trans Resort Bali

Sushi, anyone? 

My view from the runway seat

Hello, from the front row ;) 

Finally, The Fashion Show began to started. 

 The first designer to open The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 is Mona Al Mansouri
Mona Al Mansouri is an international designer in the United Arab Emirates who graduated with a double major in geological and biological engineering. She worked as an engineer in the geophysical petroleum industry, but her artistic talent in fashion design and style became popular. Starting in 1991, she became one of the top Emirate fashion designers, with her sophisticated style.

As a result, she has earned international acclaim and is considered one of the best fashion designers in the region, and invited to participate in a number of fashion shows around the globe, including Italy, Switzerland, Britain, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain. She is also known for her strong dedication to social, environmental, humanitarian, cultural and health issues through her fashion design and shows. As a result of her work, she has been mentioned in the publication Designer Story Book, a work profiling the most successful Arab fashion designers.
Source : Wikipedia 
Now, The First Emirati International Designer showcased her latest Haute Couture Collection here in Bali. Enjoy the high fashion, guys!

The first dress is just stunning! Three styles to wear in just one dress. You can see when the model came out, she wore some veil in a long dress. The second style, the model pull down the veil and it becomes a perfect dress for red carpet. The third style, the model took off the clips skirt and suddenly it becomes a jumpsuit, for a chic and casual look. Bravo!

Mona Al Mansouri's famous for her shimmer, glamour and elegant style. 

I couldn't even describe how beautiful all of Mona Al's Haute Couture. And it's not just me, all of audience were stunned, and can't take breath away. Especially, when her latest Haute Couture wedding gown came up. Haute couture ball gowns and an extraordinary bridal collection ignite the princess within. What else you could ask for? Wedding dress, red carpet gown, party dress. . no wonder she got such a big applause from the audience.

XI ZHU is an impeccable embodiment of the less is more philosophy. A newcomer from China to the world of high-class fashion, Xi Zhu evolved his brand after he finished studying at the London College Of Fashion in the United Kingdom. Already floating to great heights in the world of cutting edge men’s fashion, minimalism is seasoned with special details and the occasional splashing of print. The evolution of Xi Zhu continues along the philosophy of exploring and interpreting the male psyche.

Xi Zhu gives a fresh look for menswear, with a sporty outfit, super-long jacket and even he match it with sneakers strap tied in the back. For a young designer, I think he's very talented and has a new market to explore. Xi Zhu accentuate his collection in monochrome look and all of his fabric 100% from cotton.

Heads of State Millinery designs sustainable statement hats by applying radical redesign to the art of hat-making. Celebrating the luxury of handmade, they create fresh applications for indigenous craft traditions and utilise overlooked raw materials. 

 Each hat draws inspiration from different cultures, making a lasting connection between hat-makers and hat-owners. As each piece makes its way around the world, it makes a statement for fashion as a positive force in ecologically and socially responsible development.

The brand is pioneered by Chee Sau Fen, an award-winning self-taught designer who previously spent over 15 years working in the visual arts, exhibition and events industries. Since turning her focus to her own creative work at the beginning of 2011, she has earned immense recognition for her successful collision of art, fashion and sustainability.

Heads of State Millinery designs sustainable statement headwear for fashion leaders everywhere. My favourite from all of Heads of State Millinery collection is definitely The Muga Mask. It reminds me of the warrior princess, really stands out and so cool. 

What do you think, guys? All of their designs are amazing, right? Unfortunately, I had to go back before the show's over because of something important, so I missed two designers. Don't worry, it won't happened again. I really enjoy The Fashion Festival Bali 2015. Thank you so much for having me, TFFB 2015! Such a wonderful and magical night :*

xoxo, bee 

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