Pastel Pink Dress

Hello, September! I just celebrated my birthday few days ago. In my family, when one of us have a birthday, all of us will make him/her on a totally special day! We would sing for the birthday person together on our dining table with a birthday cake, of course! It looks ordinary, but it turns out, not everyone celebrate the old-fashioned way like us. Like, my husband's family, for example ;). They're not really a 'birthday' person, so if a family member's having a birthday, some of them won't even say 'Happy Birthday', but suddenly they give a present ^^. Each of family is unique, right?

Anyway, here's what I wore on my special day. I wore this pastel pink dress with cut-out in the high waist. Actually I want to buy the nude colour, but it's sold out already. So, I thought, there's a pink one, why not?

Pink Dress  - Victoria Catwalk
Valentino - Victoriaccessories

xoxo, bee 

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  1. Love the pastel pink with the pop of blue color! Thanks for sharing :)


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