Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa: Luxury and Blissful Experience

Hi, everyone! How's your weekend? I'm finally back here on the blog to share about this newest and the most hype hotel in Uluwatu. As you can see from my Instagram Stories, I just spent a wonderful escape to Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa

The first Renaissance Hotels, a lifestyle brand, part of Marriott International. Inc.,just opened in Indonesia. Located at Jalan Pantai Balangan 1 No 1, Ungasan, Bali, this is the southernmost Marriott hotel on the island and overlooks Bali's Bukit Peninsula, best known for the cliff-fringed coastlines. This hotel is only 2.5 months old (opened on May 2, 2018) but they already stole everyone's attention, especially with their huge grand opening night last June. I was there and also feel captivated by their spectacular and artful design.

So, when they invited me to stay, I couldn't be more excited to experience my weekend getaway there! 

First Impression

We were welcomed with an open-air huge wide view to the cliff from the lobby with a beautiful artful design. If you can't stand the hot weather in Bali, this is a perfect place for you. The weather here is cool and have lots of wind since it's located on the cliff, gives you a different perspective to see Bali from above. We checked-in at 3pm, got welcome drink, and while filling some forms, they asked me about my personal allergic (food, especially) and I told them. Surprisingly later, when I had dinner, the staff at Double Ikat restaurant welcomed me by my name, and already know about my food allergic. The service is beyond expectations, they're really so sweet and thoughtful.

Right in front of the lobby, there's R Bar with panoramic nature views through oversized windows so you can chill with a drink. 

The Room

I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Junior Suite Room, and it's definitely one of the best room I ever stay. The room is great for couples and family, there's a private balcony, a kitchen table with the coffee machine and the mini bar fridge, two televisions, a luxurious bathroom that include freestanding tubs and artfully designed interiors that layer Ikat patterns on tiles and textiles with view outside. 
They put thought into every detail around the corner

The Bathroom

The bathroom is everything you could ask for, the most comfortable bathtub with oversized windows view to the jungle, a waterfall shower, spacious and artful decor throughout.


The pool is probably the first thing you notice on the hotel outdoor, it's an infinity pool with stunning views of the Indian Ocean or the lush lands of the Bukit. Wait until you see the sunset ;) I chose to swim in the morning, when no one else around, so I could give you guys the good view without any distractions haha. 
There are fun and colorful floating pillows around the pool, perfect for chillin' and could make you feel like floating in the sky

There's also a Fitness Center with cardiovascular equipment and free weights so you don't have to worry to keep your body fit and healthy during holiday.
I have no idea I will be working out here, so pardon me with my clothes lol. Next time, I will bring my gym outfit ;p
Did I mention that it also got stunning views through the oversized windows? ;)

The Food

After swimming, it's time to refuel your energy with food! Every morning there's a breakfast buffet at Clay Craft from locals favorite to international flavors. 
Hot Cappucino is perfect to start the day

The Beach Club

If you're still craving for sand and beach, there's the Roosterfish Beach Club waiting for you! Around 15 minutes ( if the traffic isn't busy) from the hotel, you can go there with shuttle and explore Pandawa Beach with drinks and music, uu lala

Here in Pandawa Beach, the weather is totally different than in the hotel. It's actually really hot here. You can sunbathe, play volleyball and chilling in the pool here, it's also kids friendly, cool for couples or family. No entry fee, no minimum spent ;)
The food is also delicious, I got a big lunch that day! I ordered Uluwatu Burger, Pizza, and satly fries.

At night, I had my dinner at Double Ikat restaurant with authentic cuisine from Bali and throughout Indonesia in their chic and modern style. 
Their unique décor and fresh innovative approach to indigenous culinary, offers a premier dining experience here at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu resort.
As I said before, the staff welcomed me by name, and already know about my food allergic, so sweet and thoughtful :)
I ordered Nasi Goreng Uluwatu, Kepiting Soka, and Babi Guling (Suckling Pig), very delicious and scrumptious!

The Golden Hour

Here is the golden hour we all waiting for,

At first I did not expect to see a stunning, majestic view like this...
This is beyond expectations...
I would love to take photos here everyday if I could <3

Overall, I really enjoyed my holidays here in Renaissance, there's nothing I could complain. They really serve from the heart, always smile and treat us genuinely, and everything is beyond expectations. 

Three days wasn't enough 'cause time flies when you have fun lol! 
Thank you Renaissance for the wonderful weekend, I will come back for sure!

Jalan Pantai Balangan 1 No 1 
Bali, Indonesia 
 +62 361 2003588

xoxo, bee 

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  1. The hotel looks great Tabitha and also the photoshoot is amazing.

  2. What an incredible resort! These are wonderful pics.

    1. It is incredible! I had a good time, thanks Katherine <3

  3. Loving your golden hour shoot way too much💙💙

  4. Amazing photos of great places! Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly |

  5. Wow, amazing hotel and you look fab Tabitha!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. It looks so cool!


  7. You must have had a great experience. The pictures were taken very beautifully and you so beautiful

    1. You're right dear! I really had a great experience, Thanks for the love!

  8. So lovely place! i love it!

    La ilusión de Nina -


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